SurPad License Transfer


There are several conditions under which a license transfer from one device to another may be necessary:
- When the user restores factory settings on the controller (Android device), reinstalls the software, and finds the activation ID has changed.
- The ID changes due to a software update.
- The user loses the controller (Android device) and wants to transfer the code to a new controller (Android device).


Please prepare the original controller (which is permanently activated) and the new controller (to which the code will be transferred). Both controllers should be connected to the network.

1. On the original controller, click "About Software" - "Software Activation" - "Transfer activation code" to display a transfer code.
2. On the new controller, click "Transfer activation code" to display an input box.
3. Enter the transfer code on the new controller and click OK.
4. Wait for a few seconds; the permanent code will be transferred to the new controller automatically. The original controller will lose permanent activation.

After the code transfer operation, it is suggested to click "Online activation" on both controllers to refresh and confirm that the code has been successfully transferred.

• Both controllers should remain online simultaneously during the operation.
• Frequent code transfers are not recommended.
• We suggest transferring the code before restoring the controller to factory settings, then transferring it back after reinstalling the software.
• If the transfer code is not displayed on the original controller, it means the code is not transferable. Please contact our Support Team for assistance.


If the user has lost the controller, forgot to transfer the code before restoring the controller, or if the activation ID has changed due to a software update, our Support Team can transfer the code for the user.
The user should provide the SurpadApp team with the original activation code and the Activation ID of the new device:

• Provide the Original Activation Code if the user activated the software using the manual code activation method.
• Provide the Activation ID of the new device to which the license needs to be transferred.

The user should make a note of the activation code or ID, as they are the only proof for the SurpadApp team to transfer the code. After the SurpadApp team’s confirmation, we will revoke the original permanent activation and provide a new activation code to the user.

Due to the existence of multiple versions of the SurPad software and counterfeit activation codes, our team only addresses cases involving customers who have purchased from our official website: We do not support or assist with licenses acquired for other versions of the software or from other sellers.